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It is not over!

The problem that plaques America will not be solved by one election cycle. It will take decades for Americas to see where we are now and then to educate others with a new norm that becomes innate in all.

That’s right! We need a total re-indoctrination that does not include taking over the world and Socialism/Communism here. It will take decades, but We can do it!!

Although, We need to start Right Here, Right Now!.

A lot of folks don’t believe in the US Constitution. We need to start believing in it again, if We want to Keep the United States Free.

The Constitution is the Answer not the Problem. The Constitution was put into place to protect the population from the government. In theory the government members work for the people.

The US Constitution is meant to protect the the people; NOT rule the people. We are not children, We can do for our selves.

"Many claim that the Constitution is outdated and is unable to deal with today's issues. Such a claim reflects a complete misunderstanding of the intent and functionality of the document. I defend the Constitution because freedom still works, and there is no other document that protects freedom the way that it does. Indeed, the Constitution is far from being the problem. It is the answer!"
~ Shane F. Krauser, Director, American Academy for Constitutional Education